Golden Delicious – Perfect Cover for Your Stylish iPhone


If you are gifted with boundless fortune and thinking of the ways to spend those huge amounts, then an expensive Christmas gift is the perfect way to spend that money. If you are running out of ideas on what to gift then what about gifting an expensive iPhone case?

If you know someone who lives on their smart phones like iPhone, then this will be a perfect Christmas gift for him. Many people across the world do not seem to affect with this economic crunch at all or else they will not be able to appreciate an item like the “Golden Delicious” iPhone case from Germany’s GnG. It comes with the price tag of whopping $108,880. It is 140 grams of 18 carat gold filled with 200 diamonds along with a 400 diamond logo. The shell is very slim at 1mm and it offers great stability and security with a special high-tech carbon fiber inlay.


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