Sharp Brings out World’s Slimmest Television

You should make it a point to have a look at the slimmest television in the world. Sharp has introduced the new XS1 series or the slimmest televisions. So do you what to know how thick each TV is? You will be amazed to know that each set is only cms deep.

In this range, you can avail two models. One model is the 52” one, which is priced at about £9,000. The second model is 65” and you can buy it by shelling out about £11,000. the features of the slimmest TV in the world are also stunning.

The AQUOS LCD TVs of the XS1 series have been able to stun people with its features. It TV boasts of a brand new RGB-LED backlight arrangement, which has the ability to deliver the best image quality. It will be an ultimate television watching experience.
It is environment-friendly too as it consumes less power.


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