The Exclusive Tutankhamun Ale


The royal taste of ‘Tutankhamun Ale’ is completely credited to the secret kitchen of Queen Nefertiti hidden away from the world in the Sun Temple. The legendary recipe and the magic of the ‘Scottish and Newcastle Breweries’ including the efforts of the University of Cambridge archaeologists/Egyptologists’ team, has made ‘Tutankhamun Ale’ the most expensive brand of beer. The first bottle ever produced by this brewery was worth $7,686.

This brand was destined to be a bearer of the legend of King Tutankhamun as the team of Egyptologists unearthed 10 such rooms meant for brewing and the ingredients that they discovered, aided them to produce only as many as 1,000 bottles of this rare and exclusive beer. The first bottle of ‘Tutankhamun Ale’ alone fetched an awesome amount of $7,686.

Enjoying through your pensive mood during a special evening with your friends with a glass of ‘Tutankhamun Ale’ is more like a great relaxing session. The rest of the bottles of ‘Tutankhamun Ale’ are worth $76. Though it is interesting to know that at an auction in the Indianapolis Museum of Art few connoisseurs of the great liquor were even interested to pay $500 and above.


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  1. Christopher Perry says:

    I have a bottle of Tutankhamuns ale for sale that was purchased from Harrods in about 1996and given to me as a preseant. it is in pristine condition and has the verificattion certificate and number from Harrods with it. It is in a wooden casked with its original packing of straw.I have no idea how or where to sell it. can anyone help?
    Chris Perry.

  2. Hi. U still selling the tutankhamubs ale? I’m interested to buy it

  3. Murray ritchie says:

    I have 2 bottles available

  4. How much for a bottle? @Murray Ritchie

  5. I currently have two pristine bottles from HARRODS, in their proper adorned casings. I am located in Maine. I can be reached at [email protected] ~ please leave notification here if I should be on the lookout for an email from you. I have lots of pictures and documentation. Thanks!

  6. Gaëtan B says:

    Bonjour , si quelqu’un aurait une bière Toutankhamon je serai très intéressé pour vous l’acheter

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