An Expensive Romanée Conti for Your Possession


France, the land of beauty and romance demands to be credited for being the home to the most expensive wine collection of Romanée Conti.

A bottle of Romanée Conti is said to be at least twice or thrice the price of a bottle of Petrus Wine.

There’s no wonder that Romanée Conti is rated as one of the most expensive wines worldwide. The winey of Romanée Conti red wine is located in Cote de Nuits in Burgundy. This place is famed for using Pinot Noir grapes in making wine.

One of the prime reasons to contribute in Romanée Conti’s popularity as the most expensive wine is the fact that despite a sky-high demand in the market, the wine production is limited and production takes place in small quantities.

Grab your bottle of Romanée Conti with a starting price of $3,000. A bottle of Romanée Conti is a priced possession among the ones living in style and that’s why a 1978 vintage bottle of Romanée Conti was sold for $24,000 at an auction.


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