Massandra Sherry de la Frontera 1775 fetches a mind blogging price of $43,500


Massandra is the oldest wine cellar in Ukraine and the 1775 Sherry is the rarest European wine from this winery. In 2001, one decanter of this Massandra Sherry de la Frontera 1775, commonly known as 1775 Massandra Sherry, was auctioned for a mind blogging price of $43,500 in London. Sherry is a strong wine with manly strength. Its deep golden color with distinctive flavors makes it complex. This place is recognized as a treasure house of vintage wines which wine lovers and collectors crave. In 1920, Stalin ordered them to preserve all their vintage wines for a fabulous historic collection. The wines produced from this winery give a sweet aroma along with a sweet taste. Golitzin was a whole hearted wine maker in this winery who used to prepare various legendary wines by blending different wines but the recipes of his two legendary wines- Honey of Altae Pastures and Seventh Heaven are still a secret.


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