A. H. Hirsch Reserve – Most Expensive Bourbon Whiskey

A. H. Hirsch Reserve, which is a 16 years old vintage, is regarded as the most expensive Bourbon of the world at the moment at the same time highest quality. This variety was distilled at Michter’s Distillery in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania in 1974. It was aged for 16 long years until it bottled in 1990. A 750ML bottle of the 16 year old A. H. Hirsch Reserve may cost up to $300. It has a smooth texture that spreads in your mouth and leaves an awesome effect. It is also regarded as the finest that has ever produced. It is also a collector’s choice.

Just like champagne, Bourbon whiskey is also named after the place of its origin – Bourbon, Kentucky. The production of the Bourbon whiskey is not limited to its home region like the champagne. Through, this variety is primarily manufactured in this home region, Kentucky; it can still be produced in any place across US.

Via: Most-expensive.net

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