Ever Thought of Owning the Most Expensive Pack of Cigarette


Lucky Strike as the name signifies is surely a striking and pricey cigarette among the various range of cigarettes. Amidst the loud repute of the special brands like Dunhill, or even Treasurer, Lucky Strike from the Luxury tobacco products has carved its own niche.

To add to its grand reputation Lucky Strike introduced a pack of cigarettes in 2006 featuring a grand package of 18ct white gold. To make it classier the package displays a dazzling diamond and a huge ruby. Now this is a mind blowing offer that Lucky Strike has come up with. However, to make it more affordable, there are also the less pricey but “look alike” packs that are sold in some selective airports.

Coming back to this one unique diamond and ruby cigarette pack, you will simply be speechless when you know that it’s worth $100,000. Owning even one such “look alike” pack of the original Lucky Strike diamond and ruby studded pack is also a great feeling.

Via: 4billion.net

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