Exotic Gift Idea: Finding Treasures from the Caribbean

Have a loved one you’d like to bestow treasure upon? No need to charter a vessel, strap on your scuba gear and plunge out into the center of the ocean. Simply visit the Mel Fisher online store where you can search through items such as Spanish coins, emeralds, gold bars, rings and chains.

Operated out of Key West Florida, the Mel Fisher Museum is a tribute to his many found treasures and ongoing salvage efforts where they continue to unearth the sunken bounty from Spanish galleon ships like The Atocha, Santa Margarita and the 1715 fleet of ships that wrecked in treacherous reefs off the coast during hurricane weather.

Interestingly, Mel Fisher was born almost 300 years to the day The Atocha ship went down and he ended up dedicating much of his life recovering it. His Museum Website provides a wealth of information and there are also many other sites dedicated to selling Caribbean treasures such as www.atocha.com and >www.atochatreasures.com, but you have to beware of replicas being sold at high prices.

There’s nothing like an original piece of history –– beautiful, artistic and full of story to spark the imagination and remind us that through the past we can often see our future.

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