D ‘Amalfi Limoncello Supreme studded with an 18.5 carat rare diamond


The name of famous English designer, Stuart Hughes is always big in the luxury world because his magical touch transforms simple things into magnificent exclusive items. In the same way, the magical effect of his creative idea has transformed two bottles of D ‘Amalfi Limoncello Supreme to elegant dazzling bottles containing delicious Italian liquor. He has set three single cut dazzling diamonds of 13 carats on the neck of this bottle and one rare 18.5 carat diamond on the body. This typical Italian liquor is a refreshing beverage prepared by mixing lemon peels in an alcohol based sugar syrup. These sweet lemons with wonderful fragrance are grown along the Amalfi Coast. An Italian lady possesses one of the two bottles; she is unwilling to disclose her identity. The other bottle is still looking for a perfect buyer. So if you love to indulge yourself in the world of luxury, this ethnic Italian liquor in an exclusive bottle studded with 4 exclusive diamonds is a perfect choice for your luxury at an exclusive price of $43,600,000.

Via www.le-citydeluxe.com

Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on January 14, 2012 in Wine, Spirits & Liquids

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