Wine Geeks. A misundestood breed?

geek' /I must admit that reading this article made me feel a little guilty. I confess to laughing at some wine reviews that come up with incredibly obscure descriptions for the flavor and aroma. Haven’t you giggled a little yourself? Perhaps mocking their jargon and coming up with your own? “Hints of frog leap and cantaloupe-flower bud?” … you know what I mean. But there is a reason for the lingo. It is a reference point. The geek codes the sensory input into words that can be decoded by you, the reader, so you can get an idea of what the wine might smell and taste like. Quite an uphill task, as any writer will tell you, to put a subtle sensation into words. So, wine geeks, I apologize. No giggles from me in the future. The Globe and Mail: Unleash your inner wine geek

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