Could Raw Foods Be The Answer?

Worried about this ache or that pain? Doesn’t it always seem that no one else has ever had the over-the-counter-drug resistant cold you’ve just acquired? I’m starting to believe that we can actually cure ourselves of the many illnesses that seem to plague our society. All it takes is a bit of self control, creativity, and knowledge sharing. I’m talking about a Raw Food Diet.

Now don’t worry, I’m not going to preach about abstaining from meat or how bad our foods are processed and stuffed with preservatives. I have a tough time passing the Cold Stone Creamery without a brief interlude to test out the newest ice cream flavor! I’m just starting to think that our bodies probably were made to run on natural, uncooked food.

The problem we seem to have is availability and presentation. I mean let’s face it, there aren’t many late night Raw Food diners around that deliver, and unless you’re Emeril or one of the Food Network stars it won’t be that appealing when you attempt to make a delicious chocolate cake that has absolutely no chocolate in it!

I’ve found some enlightening information that just may motivate you at Alissa Cohen’s Web site: The Raw Food Diet. She has a book called “Living on Live Food�? and it is more motivating than you may think. There are articles, recipes and even pictures of some good looking dishes.

If better health isn’t motivation enough to try the diet, then check out before and after pics of some folks who have gone raw. Once you cut out the junk a new you will emerge on the outside as well, which is probably what motivated celebrities such as Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman, Robin Williams, Angela Bassett, and Donna Karan to try it out. Of course, if I had a personal chef and an in-house nutritionist that could help me, I’d probably be eating raw foods for dinner tonight.

I have always felt that the key to success is balance through moderation, so I’m going to, at least, try and add more fresh fruits and vegetables to my diet. Who knows, I may even lose a few pounds of preservatives in the process.

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  1. great post pamela. i’ve heard a lot about raw foods but never made any real efforts. i think i’ll change that tomorrow by hitting the grocers and trying out one of Alissa’s recipes.

  2. Pamela – i am so glad to hear of such a simple healthy diet. I have heard about raw foods on tv but after reading your article and actually checking out the websites you provided it has been very helpful. I am currently reading the Hamptons Diet which is mediterranean types foods that fit well with the raw food approach. I highly recommend organic healthy foods that promote good health. Thanks for the info – its nice to keep learning!

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