Hawksmoor Seven Dials: A meat lover’s paradise


For all meat lovers, Hawksmoor Seven Dials in London is a paradise where grilled meats are offered with international drinks to satiate the taste buds of every meat loving diner. It is located in Convent Garden in a basement area. While entering this eating hub, a diner may not easily find the main entrance, which is hidden, but as they step into the interior it will seem to be an old aged tavern, though this restaurant was opened only two years back. The awesome meat preparations here are prepared dedicatedly with the best quality beef from Ginger Pig in Yorkshire and their taste surpasses the flavors of many renowned steakhouses. British fish preparations are served as starters with crab mounted on toasts or breads decorated with meats. The gorgeous bar counter in this restaurant resembles the environment of a chemistry lab from your days in school. Due to high demand from worldwide diners, it has opened another branch in Langley Street.

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