Class and Admiration Guaranteed with Louis Vuitton Purse (Part I)


Ever dreamt of owning the most classy purse in the world? An expensive Louis Vuitton Purse of $52K is the sure choice. Owners pride and others envy, this latest production from the house of Vuitton is popularly known as the Tribute Patchwork Bag.

This purse representing the spring collection from Vuitton is structured from 15 other bags, which perfectly compliment the name of Patchwork Bag. This manufacturing of this purse is a perfect blend of patchwork and contemporary stylizing.

The Vuitton fans make sure to grab your favorite Tribute Patchwork Bag for your exclusive collection. Adding to the popularity of this spring collectible, Tribute Patchwork Bags are especially hand made from Paris. This gives you enough reason to brag about your choice of Tribute Patchwork from the house of Louis Vuitton. The solitary bags from the summer, spring and cruise collection have been merged together to give birth to the eye-catching Tribute Patchwork.


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  1. This is the most vulgar looking purse I have ever seen. Utterly tasteless!

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