Diamonds Will Always be a Woman’s Best Friend


$2.5 million, a stunning amount for a stunning diamond pendant in pear-shape from the house of Tiffany & Co is just an awesome gift for the woman of your life. The diamond has been cut to perfection that adds to its worth and preciousness. This diamond is a 41.4-carat piece of nature’s beauty that will not only keep her awestruck but will also earn more admirations for you from your acquaintances.

This majestic source of elegance is just a dazzling glamorous attraction that has a record of enamoring any connoisseur of style and class including perfection and impeccability. For most women this pendant is an exquisite possession and a real feast for their eyes. The soft and ever flowing glitter of the aura of the dazzling pear shaped diamond pendant simply adds to the beauty and awe of the appreciators. It proves the saying that, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’

Via: Fashionwindows

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