Bowling For Dollars: All Star Lanes, London

Madonna bowled here. So did Sienna Miller. “Here” is All Star Lanes, a private hire bowling club in London that offers upscale alley cats way more than traditional lanes. With four lanes, a cocktail bar and a diner serving very upscale food, the Main Hall can accommodate 175 (but only 24 bowlers at a time), while the Private Bowling Room holds 2 lanes and a cocktail bar that seats 70.

It all reminds me of a small neighborhood bar I onced visited in Chicago with 2 lanes in the back and local pin boys. This is a great concept for a party and we wish All Star Lanes the best of luck. The diner serves food way better than the traditional cold nachos and greasy pizza from its American counterparts.

A: Victoria House, Bloomsbury Place, London, WC1 40A.
T: 020 7025 2676.
[Via The Cool]

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  1. Tash Harrison says:

    London does seem to be taking to old style bowling. The Bloomsbury Bowl and All Stars are both worth a visit. We could not get a lane at All Stars so walked over to Bloomsbury Bowl and ended up dancing whilst waiting to bowl. Would not suggest either venue for serious bowlers…not that they aim to atttract them.

  2. Tash:
    Thanks for the update on bowling in London. It’s making a bit of a comeback in other cities globally, as well. What’s that saying? Everything old is new again.
    Best regards,

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