Million Dollar Coconut Brandy

Mendis coconut brandy is a 100% all-natural clear brandy distilled from the essence of the coconut flower. It is matured for a minimum of two years in Hamilla wood casks. Mendis has a subtle taste of coconut with a velvety sweet texture and unmatched smoothness. The product can be experienced neat or on the rocks and offers limitless options for mixing as a clear spirit.

“We have decided to offer the first coconut brandy bottle ever for $1,000,000 to the public. This bottle will be signed and numbered by the founder of our distillery and will come with a certificate of authenticity. The purchaser will be provided with a luxury trip and personal security for the bottle.�?

The price is a bit steep for most, but you have the opportunity of winning the second bottle on their website.

If you are really interested you could follow along with their blog as they attempt to produce and market their brandy.

[ via wellfed ]

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  1. This is bull****. They are probably purchasing the Arrack (coconut sap from palm tree flowers that has been distilled for hundreds if not thousands of years in South India) from some poor Sri Lankan village, and repackaging it as “a new idea.” They know the product is not the best, so rather than bomb when the product is released, they are trying to create a buzz aroung “Mendis” before people try it. Not clever enough though. A million dollars is an easy price to ask if you stage the whole thing and use company funds to buy back your own product in hopes that people will think it is elite and desired.

  2. Sounds like a brilliant idea to me. The company has E! Entertainment doing a segment on them, several world renowned magazines writing articles on them, plus the product comes with raved reviews from world critics ( Brilliant as no other alcohol company has done it before. Jeanini you are writing from heresay actually look into things before writing slanderous remarks on things as it looks very unprofessional – Oh not to mention if you checked it out, the company is also the first to have category approval as a “coconut brandy”.

  3. Sounds like an absolutely brilliant idea, concept, unique market stance. Jeanine, this is not b.s. as you would think because it is companies such as this that are helping out as you worded, “some poor Sri Lankan village” and sharing their recipes with the world. Isnt that quite appealing? Or havent you learned the basic skills of each one teach one? Or better yet to share?

    Kudos to Mendis

    I’ll be pouring a fine glass quite soon I hope.

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