Boeucc, Milan


Boeucc in Milan is one of the most expensive restaurants of the world and a popular food destination in the world. It is regarded as one of the oldest restaurants of the world serving quality food to the clients since 1696. This pricey restaurant is situated in Piazza Belgioioso, Scala of Milan. If you like the old world charm, then this will be the place to be in. Ceramics, paintaings and the soft romantic lighting all add to that charm. The stunning chandeliers, garden, stone columns all add a historic charm to the place.

It is famous for its exotic Italian cuisine. Its high charge with the $62 per person is worth compare to the unique dining experience that it offers. The most popular dishes are Cassoeula, Risotto allo zafferano, penne al branzino e zucchini and filet Voronoff. You can finish the main course with a gelato di castagne con zabaglione caldo desert. Not to miss is the wonderful collection of wines that Boeucc sports.


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