The Methuselah of 1996 Rosé Gold – Your Possession, Other’s Envy

The King of champagnes, better known as The Methuselah of 1996 Rosé Gold was bought for £50,000 at a London Hotel. A Russian billionaire supposedly bought the bottle, which is regarded as the most expensive single bottle that has been bought in an auction. The amount will make the value of a single glass of wine cost £1,562.50. This the finest quality of champagnes meant for kings.
This vintage type of wine is the most sought after, as only 35 bottles are produce  each year. The bottles will itself give you a taste of fine quality with its spectacular beauty. These bottles are expensive and it is worth collecting them.
French winery Moët et Chandon produce these wines and they are eight times the size of a standard bottle. It oozes elegance and excellence. Just the casing of the bottle will cost you around £20,000. It is dipped in rose gold. The color of the wine will certainly give you a feeling of royalty! I would definitely like to have a taste of this fascinating drink.

Via: WorldAmazingRec

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