Romantic environment for only Two to taste Italian preparations – only at Solo Per Du


Romance, romance and romance! This is what Italy is made of. So undoubtedly, the restaurants in this country must also reflect a similar interior atmosphere. In this land of romance nestles the world’s smallest restaurant, Solo Per Due, which is located in a small town, Vacone near Rome. This eating house offers a dining area only for two in a cozy, romantic atmosphere so that its two diners can relish their awesome Italian meal while enjoying an intimate moment. This restaurant is situated in a 19th century building near the ruins of a Roman Villa. The entire restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful garden to make the atmosphere naturally romantic. As the dishes are offered to the two guests, the intensity of the lights is minimized to bring a magical effect to the romance that prevails in the air. During summer, guests are allowed to sit in the garden for their meal, while in winter, there is a log fire to make the dining area warm and cozy. Their authentic Italian meals are prepared from fresh ingredients and the menu is mainly inclined to seasonal preparations. Some of the preparations are awesome to taste and rare to find like wild fruits and wild mushroom items. Delicious seafood preparations are also served here with wines from best wine cellars to satisfy the taste of its guests.


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