Berry, Berry Good Antioxidant & Miracle Food: The Goji Berry

Have you heard about the Goji Berry? Also known as the wolfberry, the western snowberry, Symphoricarpos occidentalis, it’s the common name for two closely related fruit species: the Lycium barbarum from China and the L. Chinese Solanaceae.

Whatever you call it, wolfberries are grown around the world, though many of the products have Tibetan, Himalayan or Chinese names.

And soon — actually very soon — there will be a zillion products made with the high antioxidant and free radical fighting ingredients in the Goji Berry, following in the recent marketing footsteps of the pomengranate and the blueberry. Marketers of the Goji Berry claim that it does everything from fighting cancer cells and lowering cholesterol to increasing sexual stamina and boosting energy.

However, a word of warning. This may NOT be the miracle elixir some think it is. story and story.

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