The good, the bad and the tasty at S.F. 35th Winter Fancy Food Show, pt.2

*Salts were sprinkled throughout the show but the most exciting ones were offered by Secret Stash Sea Salts. Developed by Chef Joseph Conrad, this one-of-a-kind line includes flavorful infusions such as Almond Cardamom, Coconut Garam Masala, and an intense Chorizo salt.

*Winner for the “Why didn’t I think of it” award goes to Northern California’s, “The Smoked Olive” naturally wood-smoked, extra-virgin olive oils. These versatile oils really dress up grilled veggies, steak, even a plebeian deviled egg.

Other tasty treats from the Bay Area were:

* Twisted Vine Gourmet is a brand new wine-country company but they’re already producing a line of classics with their wine-based marinades and sauces. The Chardonnay Chipotle Lime Marinade will magically turn you into a grill-guru.

* Did you know that fava beans aren’t beans? They actually belong to the pea family. And under the guidance of a new San Francisco company, Fava, they also make a deliciously healthy line of hummus and hearty dips. The Kalamata Olive Hummus makes an easy bruschetta topper and the Spicy Fava Dip works double duty as a pasta topper.

* California introduced “happy cows” to the rest of the world but local newbie, Happy Goat Caramels might have something to add. They proudly point out that “Using only premium goat dairy and organic sugar give their caramels the incredibly unique and “udderly” irresistible flavor that makes Happy Goat stand out from the crowd.” and after happily chewing on a handful of them, who am I to quibble?

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  1. I love your story. It sure is interesting to learn about new recipe. These should go perfectly well with my homemade wine.

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