Pophams Restaurant; Center for authentic British preparations


Situated in a fabulous location surrounded by a deer park and lush greenery, Pophams Restaurant in West County is a perfect gastronomic enclave where guests can savor the authentic taste of various British preparations while enjoying the natural beauty of the flora and fauna here. The interior decor is embellished with white tones mixed with marvelous green shades which give a pleasing environment to this dining hall at Hunstrete House. Exclusive crystal chandeliers come down from the ceilings to give a royal effect to its interior décor. The guests here are welcomed with warm hospitality by the French staff. Chef Matt Lord is the main chef in this restaurant, who along with his team members has succeeded in making this eating hub one of the most exclusive dining areas in Britain. His commitment and dedication have given a new recognition to the preparations here and have also earned him huge fame in the gourmet world.

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Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on February 03, 2012 in Food

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