Feel the Difference with a Delicious Dessert


Do you not think that a sweet and yummy dessert is what makes your meal complete? There is no one who is not fond of desserts! If you can afford to spend some bucks, you can go for Strawberries Arnaud. In New Orleans’ French Quarter you will find this dessert in Arnaud’s restaurant. The creator Arnaud Casbarian is known for his innovative creation of desserts with exquisite ingredients!

At first sight you will simply feel that it is a bowl of shredded strawberries with toppings of mint and milk. These strawberries are marinated in wine. This pricey dessert of marinated strawberries is garnished with a pink diamond ring of 4.7 carat, which once belonged to Sir Ernest Cassel. This costly dessert is served to you by waiters in white gloves, who offer you wine from the finest set of Charles X liqueur along with this high-priced dessert. This decent dessert is offered at a price of $1.4 million!

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