Beacon Hill Bistro & Hotel :: Boston, Massachusetts

bhhbI’m a bit of a light sleeper. The smallest movement or the slightest sound could wake me in an instant. Having heard that I was sleeping across the street from where the Boston Strangler killed his last victim (and may still be at large) normally would mean a sleepless night. What made things easier was sleeping in one of the most comfotable beds in the coziest luxury hotel on Charles Street.

The Beacon Hill Bistro & Hotel is a privately owned luxury hotel that will not dissapoint. The rooms have everything you need and I found the hospitality second to none. It is a bit of a different set up that the lobby is situated within the Bistro, but for me that just added to the charm.

Beyond the well appointed rooms and amazing architecture there is the added bonus of complimentary breakfast included with your accomodations. The menu was exquisite and if I had of stayed there a few more days i would of been tempted to try everything on it. The location is literally half a block from Boston Commons and Cheers Pub ( a little cheesy I know, but you have to try it).

The BHBH is the epitome of old world charm and cozy elegance.

Beacon Hill Bistro & Hotel
25 Charles Stree
Boston, MA
(617) 723-7575

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