Bath in the fountain water of Villa d’Esta


With 500 fountains and other water jets in a magnificent landscape, Villa d’Esta is the most famous and royal residence in Europe which was built in the 16th century by Cardinal Ippolito d’Este. This opulent and majestic haven is lapped by the cool waves of Lake Como surrounded by 25 acres of Italian style gardens with a combination of green terraces and descending slopes, which end at three beautiful ponds abound by fish. The statues in the masterpiece garden enhance the aristocracy and royalty of the garden, where guests are welcomed by the warm and ethnic hospitality of the legendary resort. Renaissance culture draws attention throughout the palace and the adjoining well maintained garden. There are 152 rooms in total and the main house, the Cardinal’s building, itself houses 125 rooms decorated with fabulous oil paintings and aristocratic furniture. The atmosphere changes as guests step into the Queen’s Pavilion where two villas commands the palace with their extraordinary decoration of como silk and silk brocade over period furniture.


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