Willy Wonka Would Be So Jealous :: Charles Chocolates Café & Factory, Emerville, CA

I had the pleasure of chatting with Charles (Chuck) Siegel last week, one of the world’s foremost chocolatiers. As he told me about his background of more than 20 years of creating taste-tempting chocolate confections, I could see the passion for his vocation and why he’s built a global reputation.

Buying only the best cocoa and chocolate from three sources in the SF Bay Area, France and Venezuela, Chuck is opening Charles Chocolates’ doors this Saturday, June 23 from 11am to 7pm to its newly expanded cafe, kitchen area, and retail store.

• Drop by and sip his new home made chocolate drinks — rich, creamy concoctions available in two flavors: Original Bittersweet and Caramelized.

• Look directly into the Charles Chocolates 6,700 square foot factory through large windows.

• Enjoy handmade confections as you watch their chocolatiers make over 30 different confections from the ground up – from zesting Meyer lemons for chocolate-covered lemon marzipan, to hand-rolling classic chocolate truffles, to enrobing their fleur de sel caramels in bittersweet chocolate. Each confection is hand-crafted over several days, and the new factory will offer customers a view into how each one is made.

Charles Chocolates
W: www.charleschocolates.com.
A: 6529 Hollis Street, Emeryville, CA 94608.
T: 888.652.4412.

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