Be the Cynosure with the Ruby Slippers from Stuart Weitzman

One more stunner from the house of the famous shoe designer Stuart Weitzman is the Stuart Weitzman Shoes “Ruby Slippers”. It is one of the most expensive shoes in the world and will cost you around $1,600,000. This amazing piece of art will certainly be any woman’s dream possession.

Stuart Weitzman designed this shoe to make the proud buyer show off her riches and luxury and add a glitzy look to her feet. He designed these stunning shoes to adorn the feet of famous celebrities. With the glow of rubies set in platinum pure red satin stilettos ooze ultimate luxury. Fashionistas will certainly give rave reviews of these brilliant shoes for its sheer craftsmanship.

This is an interesting piece of shoe that offers style and elegance at the same time. Moreover, if coordinated properly with a designer outfit, then it will certainly dazzle any gala event like Academy Awards Ceremony.


Posted by Erin Silverman on June 01, 2010 in Shopping

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