pb Travel Might Want To Change Their Initials to pp Travel for Pretty & Practical!

I get lots of travel-aids sent to me to try and I gotta admit, 90 % end up in the trash. I’ll never forget when I was trying one prototype blow-up “cocoon bed” that was supposed to turn your economy seat into a “cloud of comfort and let you arrive totally rested after a wonderful night’s sleep”.

Unfortunately, when I fastened the blow-up tube into the overhead air nozzle (as instructed) it jammed and I couldn’t get it off… everyone on the plane just silently watched as the bed just kept getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER, until finally my whole row had to jump up and beat the “cloud” into submission. I almost got kicked off that flight!

On the other hand, if you don’t bring your own sleep aids and if you are “lucky” enough to score one of the few measly pillows or blankets that are hidden in some back bin, have you ever looked at the scuzz on those things? You know they have got to be totally germ-infested. And don’t even get me started on that T.B. infested traveler!!!!
What’s a frequent flyer to do?

(Trumpets sounding) Welcome: pb Travel. Finally, someone who understand the needs of today’s traveler: Comfort, Security, and Hygiene. (And they even throw in some Style, for extra credit points.)

Just a few of my top recommendations:

1. Well deserved splurge: pb’s Cashmere Jet Rest Pillow and Blanket Set
Gorgeous, soft, light, and made from luxurious 100% Scottish cashmere. The ergonomic, unique L-shaped pillow really DOES support your head in comfort. $325.00
* If cashmere is out of your price range pb offers the same clever L-shaped pillow in polyester!

2. That takes care of the pretty part… now for the practical:
The Plane Clean Air Filter is a compact device (pictured above) that can be attached to a passenger’s overhead gasper nozzle. Plane Clean Air houses an electrostatic charged filter media that is capable of removing viruses, bacteria and other particulate matter from an air stream. (It claims to remove 99.5% of all Bacteria & Viruses from your air stream) I, for one, will breath easier when I fasten this little gadget above my seat. $19.99


By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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