Tag Heuer Presents Meridiist

Tag Heuer, the famous Suisse clock company has launched its first communication instrument known as Meridiist. This new phone has been designed for business women and men.

Two key words have been combined to get Meridiist. They are meridians and expertise. The users will be followed by meridian lines in their constant movements throughout the world. The word Expertise has been used to describe those types of men and women who are experts of business, communication, and of the world.

The designer of meridiist is Christophe Behling. The product appears as a great luxury tool with clear and simple lines. Meridiist is created in such a manner that it can be adapted to suit your style. It has the potential to become a fashion accessory as you can avail covers in alligator, gold, diamonds, and rubber. The product boasts of timeless style; but that is not all. It is very easy to use.

Via luxury-design.com

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