Balinese lifestyle in chic interior at Melia Bali


A mind blowing beach environment with lush greenery filled with tropical flora and fauna in the southern peninsular region of Bali waits for guests in Nusa Dua where guests are allowed to stay in a luxurious manner in a sanctuary setting at Melia Bali. The beach resort nestles in the midst of stretches of white talcum sand beaches bounded by manicured tropical gardens. Within the 24 acres of the private area of the resort, there is a lagoon styled large swimming pool to match with the idyllic setting of the natural surroundings. The chic interior, with soft and elegant teak wood furnishing, resides in every corner of this waterfront resort enclave. All the havens offer the height of luxury to guests with the facility of every modern amenity. The rooms are provided with a private balcony or terrace so that guests can relax while enjoying the pristine beauty of the blue ocean through the sandy beaches and tropical greenery.


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  1. Drina Murphy says:

    This looks fabulous, I’m not too sure i’ll ever get to see Bali in real life as it’s a long way from me:(
    Oh well, at least I can look at pics and only hope;)

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