Enjoy an Exotic Private Island Holiday in Ciftlik Island


At Ciftlik Island, you are sure to get one of the most developed private islands of the region to spend an amazing vacation, when you go 250 meters off the Turkey coastline in Aegean Sea. You will find a dazzlingly beautiful castle-style house, with servant’s quarters and a guest house. It is one of the few islands that provide you the facility of electricity, water and telephone system.

The island is not much known for its beaches but its bright and warm weather, its close proximity with Rhodes and Turkey and the well furnished house puts it in the list of the best islands of the world. Do not miss the chance of spending a stress-free and silent vacation on this excellent island! To enjoy a luxurious holiday in this private island you will have to shell out $25,000,000 USD. Take the chance to enjoy the blue sea and the gracious weather of this splendid island!

Via: weburbanist.com

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