Calgary Paparazzi Stampede: Brad & Angelina Go Dinosaur Hunting

Angelia Jolie, her son Maddox, and Brad Pitt were spotted last weekend at the dinosaur exhibit at the world-renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum near the town of Drumheller in the Calgary area. A museum spokesman said, “Brad phoned to ask about the accessibility of the museum and… did not ask us to close the museum… or any special treatment.” He was in town to begin shooting for a new movie.

Enough about Brad and Angelina. They get enough press as it is…
Now celebrating its 20th year, The Royal Tyrrell Museum offers a variety of programs for Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors, Family and Schools. It’s known throughout the world as an outstanding palaeontology museum and research facility. The Government of Alberta operates the Museum with a mandate to collect, conserve, research, display and interpret palaeontological history with special reference to Alberta’s fossil heritage.

There are 10 signature galleries and feature exhibitions that celebrate the spectacular history and diversity of life on Earth, and the palaeontologists who bring the story to life. The key attraction is experiencing the evolution of life –– from sea dwellers to the Tyrrell’s big attraction, the dinosaurs; to the rise of those furry little mammals, and many of Earth’s inhabitants in between. Dozens of skeletons and hundreds of fossils that tell the story of ancient Alberta is all here.

Read more: Royal Tyrrell Museum.

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