Authentic American taste with an innovative twist at Bambara in Salt Lake City


Situated in the beautiful Salt Lake City of Utah, Bambara is a perfect gastronomic enclave to serve its diners in a homely atmosphere. This eating house excels in serving seasonal cuisine with a focus on seafood and meats. Its outstanding location with superb service and hospitality ensure guests return here repeatedly to savor its awesome flavor. Recently this restaurant has been nominated as the best restaurant in Salt Lake City.

The executive chef of this eating hub, Nathan Powers experiments with different preparations along with his team members to prepare exclusive items which are delicious to taste and amazing to see. Based on authentic American tastes, he excels in blending different cultures and flavors in his preparations with the best ingredients that are cultivated in this region. Grilled and pan-roasted preparations are some of the best rated items here. In every preparation, there is a perfect balance between simplicity and innovation.


Posted by David Miller on March 29, 2012 in Food

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