Enjoy Delicious Chinese Cuisine In Hutong


Dressed up to bear a resemblance to the primordial courtyard neighborhoods of Peking, Hutong restaurant is a stimulating intermingle of old China re-interpreted, and housed in a contemporary modest setting of glass and elm wood.

The restaurant derives its name from the tapered pathways that bond these courtyards, usually known as hutongs. Inside the restaurant, guests banquet in dark, muffled interiors, with magnificent views of the striking Victoria harbor skyline. The gastronomy is traditional Northern Chinese, and a touch on the spicy side.The executive chef, Calvin Yeung does his work brilliantly by offering some delicious authentic Chinese cuisine. In Hutong, you can even ask you server for suggestions to furnish your personal taste.

Hutong’s signature dishes like crispy de-boned lamb ribs, bamboo clams steeped in Chinese rose wine, chilli padi, crispy soft shell crab with Szechun red pepper,  scallops with fresh pomelo, etc gives your tongue the perfect satisfaction. This charming place is the ultimate destination for any food-lover.

Via: luxury-insider.com

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