Eleven in Amsterdam; a domain of artistic souls


As a guest steps into the world of Eleven in Amsterdam, he or she will be swayed away by the interior beauty which is considered a domain of artistic souls. This dining hub, situated in a business building, offers simple and delicious dishes to guests while they lose themselves in the beautiful artistic works which are exhibited all around. This destination has a club, restaurant, bar and exhibition of artistic creations. Eleven is a refreshing area designed especially for guests who can sit and relax here while relishing the flavors of North Africa and the Mediterranean region. During lunch, simple and healthy eateries are offered which include a variety of soups and salads along with baked preparations and different sandwiches. At night, the mouth watering aroma spreads from the kitchen to decorate the dining tables with delicious four course meals. Guests can also dance the night away in their night club where electronic music fills the atmosphere.

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