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Check Into Rehab: Half-Naked Pool Party, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is never more true when you visit the weekly Rehab Party at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Every Sunday, from noon to 7pm, the pool area transforms into a dance club with bathing suits and suntan oil, complete with live music, swim-up blackjack tables, and public smooching that can sometimes lead to XXX-rated behavior.

Warning: If you don’t have six-pack abs or a drop-dead gorgeous body, you may feel out of place with the crowds of up to 3,000 mostly hungover partiers who show up week after week. The cover charge is a double standard: $30 for men, $20 for women and $15 if you’re a woman with a Las Vegas address. Bring lots of cash, as you’ll pay as much as $17 for a 30-oz. sports bottle filled with booze.

Whatever you think of the concept, it’s fantastic people watching. The Travel Channel even claimed it’s the #1 spot on its list of top 10 pools worldwide. Find out more at www.rehablv.com or call 1.702.696.555 or stop by 445 Paradise Road, Las Vegas.

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  1. You’ve got to love the Hard Rock. Rehab is the bomb. I can’t wait till the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego is unleashed. Only about two months away before the doors open and Rande Gerber’s two bars are serving up drinks.

    If you want to check out the the interiors to the rooms, check them out here: http://www.premiumcondohotels.com/

    The rooms are the hottest things going.

  2. love rehab at the hard rock
    if you are looking for cool people and Naked vacation like rehab vibe with music and nude dancing every day of the year shoot for the california sea mountain inn a nude resort unlike all else
    when I cant get the the sunday vegas blast its sea mountain inn to party naked

  3. I like your show but I couldn’t believe Ashley was fired over saying something to British asses giving her a crappy tip. I know it is taboo as a server to say anything about a tip but I figured someone as first class as you would add a tip. I went to the Olive Garden and they automatically add a tip for large parties. What, you don’t when your servers are stuck taking care of drunk jerks all day??? I think you would at least take care of your staff so they would be willing to take care of you. You have unions and force your servers to give money to server unions, I would think they were getting their moneys worth.

  4. I think Matt is an asshole and he is also a wanna be security guard and not to mention a tittle driven a-hole ………….what a looossserr get a real job. and the servers are all money hungry bitches get a job that you don’t have to see your bodies dump little girls , what an insults to the EDUCATED women out there stupid show….

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