Amsterdam’s Best: The Awesome Asscher Diamond

Like ripples in a pool of water, the many facets of an Asscher cut diamond mystically draw you into a world of reflective lucidity. The “The Royal Asscher�? is a 74 facet step-cut octagon that brings sophistication to a new level.

In the early 1900’s, Joseph Asscher of Amsterdam was commissioned by King Edward VII of England to cut the largest diamond ever found; the Cullinan weighed in at an amazing 3,015 carats. Back then, his client list read like a who’s who of global royalty. Subsequently, his grandson, Joop Asscher, has carried on the family tradition of transforming lifeless blocks of ice into masterpieces of symmetry and detail.

The timeless beauty of the Royal, patented in 2001, comes from its sculpted pavilion that becomes a mirrored bowl creating a kaleidoscope of flashes back to the eye. Original Asscher cut diamonds are quite rare and are often found on the estate market, but the “Royal�? has made its presence known by adding to the recent culture of bringing antiquity back into modern style. Sarah Jessica Parker even received one in an engagement ring on “Sex and the City�? and many other celebrities have since been making it their diamond of choice.

The look of the stone speaks for itself. The eye just seems to dive into the center of the gem taking a trip into a myriad of the deepest water. How wonderful it is for the senses! Splashing into the undulating spirals of a glassy pool every time one glances at this unforgettable diamond… It simply is breathtaking.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Wow the ultimate bling !!! I’ve seen the Royal Asscher Collection and nothing compares to it. Beautiful diamonds – fantastic article!

  2. michelle says:

    O K — now I feel like I have to have that Diamond !!! But I guess I will just keep admiring it for now !

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