$1.5 million for red Tibetan mastiff


Having a pet is obviously a personal choice but if anybody is looking for some true and loyal companionship from his or her pet, a dog is the best among all pet animals. For those people who love pet dogs, the Red Tibetan Mastiff, popularly known as Hong Dong or Big Splash is an exclusive choice. One dog of this breed was sold last year in China at an eye blogging amount of $1.5 million. At that time, this red puppy was only 11 months old but was as tall as 3 feet. Its weight was 180 pounds. Lu Liang, its breeder, is very proud about its height which it attained at a tender age. Earlier in 2009, a Chinese woman bought a puppy of this same breed at a record price of $609,000. But last year’s sale broke all earlier records and this puppy is now the costliest pet dog in the world.

Via www.dogcentral.info

Posted by David Miller on March 07, 2012 in Shopping

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