A Tall Drink of Water: Voss Water, Norway

Yesterday, I drank a few bottles of Voss Artesian Water from Norway. One was Still. One was Sparkling. Both were pretty good but its wicked cool glass bottle is the best thing about it.

My friend Sharon said she paid $20 for a bottle of Voss at the tres upscale Michael Mina Restaurant in San Francisco, which was more than she paid for a glass of wine!

Their Website says, “VOSS Artesian Water is amongst the purest waters in the world. Taken from a virgin aquifer shielded for centuries under ice and rock in the untouched wilderness of central Norway.” Voss is available now at retail in 800 and 375 ml sizes.

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  1. John Whistley says:

    Yea. I love that water. Specially the cool bottles

  2. vinay joshi says:

    It was really a lovely experience to have VOSS and the bottle is really attractive and lovely look.

  3. Norwegian says:

    this is such a scam. i actually live in a place called Voss in Norway, this bottled water is exactly the same as in my tap at home. i dont have to pay anything at all.

  4. loved the bottles until it came time to wash them. they develop fungus in the bottom from general washing and when i called the customer service to ask if they sold bottle cleaners that were long enough to reach the bottom, they said no and didn’t appear to care. really didn’t make me feel like a valued customer. needless to say, at their cost and with more and more choices coming out locally for water/drink containers that are chemical free, i won’t be buying more from VOSS.

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