Foie Gras Fans With Mango ~ Signature appetizer dish by Cheflaszlo.

Signature appetizer dish by Cheflaszlo.

1 foie gras liver, about 1 to 1 1/2 lbs
1 bottle Sauternes or sweet white wine
2 cups chicken broth (homemade or high quality)
5 fresh mangos
4 oz duck prosciutto or smoked magret (duck breast)
Shaved or slivered black truffles

Soak the liver overnight in water, milk or Sauternes. Carefully slice the liver into three to five sections that can be
rolled into roughly cylindrical shapes (the liver will be malleable at room temperature), remove all veins and
membrane, and allow the liver to sit under water for an hour or two to lose its chill. Use plastic wrap and
preferably a Japanese sushi rolling mat to gently roll the roughly cut pieces into a cylindrical form inside the
plastic wrap. Do not crush or damage the liver. Tie the ends of the plastic wrap with twine very tightly and
gently poach the liver until the inside is still quite pink, generally no more than five to eight minutes in
simmering water. Shock the packages in ice water to stop the cooking, and carefully drain off the foie gras oil
into a container and freeze for later culinary uses. Sprinkle the cooked livers with salt and pepper and marinate
in the refrigerator overnight in Sauternes and chicken broth with a few drops of brandy to taste.

Slice the mangoes into strips about 1/5″ thick and 1″ wide and arrange three strips together in a “fan” pattern.
Add one slice of poached foie gras sprinkled with slivered or shaved black truffle and one thin slice of smoked
duck breast and/or duck prosciutto. You may also use a strip of prosciutto to wrap the truffle and foie gras atop the mango fan.

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