Hospitalis in Riga: The New Hospital Themed Restaurant

Have you heard of this new restaurant located in Riga, the capital city of Latvia. What is so bizarre about this restaurant? Well the restaurant uses the theme of a hospital. It sounds strange but the name of the restaurant is Hospitalis. The people behind the restaurant’s concept are three doctors, who can be referred to as the brainchildren of the restaurant.

The inside of this Latvian eatery is completely white, looks clinical and has loads of medical equipment for the purpose of decoration. The bar it the restaurant resembles an old pharmacy.

Guest what? Here you will be served your meals in flasks and you can feast some operating room dishes, which the nurses sporting red wigs, skimpy starched uniforms, and stethoscopes, will serve you. If you guessing about your table, then it could be either a gynecological consultation bed or a trolley. The menu is as varied as possible.


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  1. Riga never fails to turn out something bizarre. One of my favorite cities worldwide. Will try this next time I’m in town.

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