A Joystick To Drive :: New Mercedes-Benz SCL 600

mercedeswjoystick My friend and car buff Ed sent me an email with some photos of the new Mercedes-Benz SCL 600. At first, I thought it was a joke. But it’s not — this car has a joystick instead of a steering wheel, buttons instead of pedals, and all kinds of other high tech gadgets that make it one of the most exciting cars on the market. I checked it out on snopes.com and they say “It’s partly true.”

areyouto The SCL 600 was actually introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1996 as a research/concept car to show “groundbreaking systems for improving safety and comfort in passenger cars.”

The email finished by saying, “The scary thought is: Now a three-year-old can steal your car and drive it better than you can!”

Very possible. But can they see over the dashboard?

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