125th Anniversary Celebrated with Grandeur by Lucchese

A pair of black cowboy boots with a grand embroidered design, celebrating Lucchese's 125th anniversary.

Among the most exclusive boot companies is Lucchese.

Having a grand tradition of gifting the world with the most luxurious and stylist shoes Lucchese has currently reached its 125th anniversary. At the behest of this memorable occasion, Lucchese has featured a limited number of anniversary boots made out of American Belly Alligator.

One of the privileged dealers of these branded cowboy boots is Allens Boots so you can place orders with them for a piece of art standing testimony to this historical event.

A great treat for women, this shoe is totally hand made and painted with hand.

Alligator is used for superimposing the torero pull straps and the shoe linings as well.

What’s best, not only you can buy these otherwise expensive branded shoes at $12,500, but also these specially crafted boots come with imprinted numbers and certificates and recorded in the ‘125th Anniversary Edition Log Book’.

The floral motifs done on the body of the boots will simply add a shine to your eyes as an exclusive party wear.

Via: Allens Boots

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