Murder at Hotel Cinema :: by Daniel Craig

Before you get all confused our current blond Bond is not trying his hand at murder mysteries. Daniel Craig of Opus Hotel management fame penned a mystery whodunit a couple years ago called, Murder at Hotel Cinema. It’s rather ingenious actually, he is taking his know how of the boutique biz into the realms of mystery novels. His protaganist, Trevor Lambert, is actually starring in his thrid novel – Murder at Graverly Manor that hit the shelves in April of this year.

I have stayed at the Opus Vancouver and enjoyed it immensely. When Mr.Craig asked me to read his latest novel I was a bit apprehensive in that I’m not entirely a fan a the crime or mystery novel and fiction is not really my bag. (Sidenote: I’m minutes away from being put on probation of my current bookclub. The fact that I am one of the co-founders is the only thing keeping me in good standing).

So I started reading the book under a bit of duress, but after about 8 pages I was hooked. Mr.Craig can always go back to his day job at the Opus, but if he keeps pumping the novels he’ll become a household name on his own steam. Folks will be running to the bookstore in the same large crowds that anticipate the next 007 film. Okay that may be a bit over the top, but you get my drift.

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