Eco-Friendly Resorts :: Steve Case’s Revolution Places, Costa Rica

Vogue Magazine defined “green�? as “the new black.�? The New York Times declared “green�? as the new “red, white and blue.�?

So Steve Case, a billionaire who co-founded AOL, plans to plunk down about $800 million of his own green to build the first of his eco-friendly resorts, known as Revolution Places, in the coastal town of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. (Not a wise choice for a name — sounds like “guano” — AKA the poop of bird, bats and seal.)

This resort will open in 2010 as a 650-acre lux lodge offering 120 villas, 330 other residences, a Miraval Spa, 18-hole golf course, a tennis and fitness center from Andre Agassi and wife Steffi Graf, plus sustainable business practices such as renewable energy sources.

From the New York Times.

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