A DJ and A Tea Sommelier: Tavalon Tea Bar, New York

When you take an old-fashioned tea restaurant and infuse it with a younger generation, a hip DJ and a sommelier to help you select the proper blend, you get Tavalon Tea Bar.

With a great New York City West Union Square ultra-modern lounge, its two young owners want their generation to become tea drinkers instead of coffee addicts. Visitors will find everything from exotic blends to fresh salads, even pastries. It’s also becoming the in place for a party or a music industry event.

W: Tavalon Tea Bar.
A: 22 East 14th Street New York, NY.
T: 212.807.7027.
[Via IG Destinations.]

Posted by Gil Zeimer on October 21, 2006 in Food

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  1. Piper R.
    Piper R. says:

    Great store! I hear they are looking to open up a larger Tavalon Tea Bar. Looking forward to the new store in NYC.

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