Cung chúc tân xuân :: San Francisco, Ca.

I either just wished you all a Happy Vietnamese New Year (for the Year of the Rat) or else cursed you out for taking my parking place! If it’s the former, and you live in the Bay Area, then I have two great recommendations about where to celebrate.

The Vietnamese Tết celebration of the Lunar New Year will be celebrated with style and penache at Bong Su Restaurant and Lounge in San Francisco and sister restaurant Tamarine Restaurant and Gallery in Palo Alto, or since they are being held two different nights, why not hit them both?

On February 6 and 8th, the celebrations begin festively with firecrackers to ward off the evil spirits and to welcome the entrance of the dragon. Inside, guests can feed the dragon red envelopes for good luck, ask the fortune teller about the year ahead, and dine on signature good luck dishes. The a la carte Tết dishes include special ingredients which are sure to bring happiness, wealth, prosperity, longevity and health for the year of the Rat, created by chef Tammy Huynh.

The celebratory feast features Lobster Spring Rolls of soft rice paper filled w/ lobster, rice noodles, mango & lettuce, Chrysanthemum Soup, with served with fish dumplings, green onions & cilantro and Slow Cooked Pork with a boneless pork shoulder slow cooked with young coconut juice, fish sauce & molasses.

Wednesday, February 6th at Tamarine

546 University Avenue
Palo Alto, California
For Reservations: (650) 325-8500

Friday, February 8th at Bong Su

Bong Su
311 Third Street
San Francisco, California
For Reservations: (415) 536-5800

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