Crown of Michelin Star for The Ledbury, London


The Ledbury is a renowned and exclusive restaurant in London which was inaugurated in 2005. Since then, Brett Graham, the head chef along with his young team members have been experimenting with their preparations to serve the best dishes in London to their diners so that they can sit and relish the everlasting flavors of these preparations. Their devotion and dedication has earned the coveted and prestigious Michelin Star crown to this restaurant within these few years. His high-flying preparations include various meat and fish preparations perfectly blended with vegetables.  A diner will find that every preparation is a work of art. A diner will not find any bar counter here but the delicious London taste is served along with wines to bring out the true wonder of the meal. The best preparations here are seafood, and for a handsome £155, a diner can relish almost all the amazing preparation here  to satisfy his or her taste buds.


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