A blend of natural beauty and ultimate luxury


Luxury nestled within the snow studded peaks of the Alps – no, that’s not a dream, but an amazing reality that you will realize once you visit Blanket Bay. Situated on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, this luxury lodge gives you an array of activities that aim to restore your spiritual as well as physical well being. Relaxation is redefined in Blanket Bay.

With the suites costing you more than $20,000 dollars per night, accommodation will be luxurious to opulent levels. All the rooms, suites and chalets of this haven are adorned with elegant furnishings. Eco-friendly materials are used a lot, showcasing the close relationship between Mother Nature and the lodge. All the suites are equipped with walk-in closets, stone fireplaces, high speed internet connections, lavish bathrooms, private terraces, international direct telephones, different music channels, and many more amenities. If you want to go there to rejuvenate your health, then you will be cordially welcomed to Blanket Bay Gym, the Jacuzzi and the steam rooms that are equipped with comprehensive health and spa facilities.

Via www.blanketbay.com

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