Cape Town Culture: Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel, South Africa

Art hotels are muy popular these days. In Cape Town, there’s one that only has 13 rooms, but it’s set up like an interactive art exhibit.

Like others, each room of the Daddly Long Legs Art Hotel is custom-designed by a local artist. But here, designers, musicians, poets and photographers are also involved so the room captures the essence of Cape Town culture. One room has 2,500 rolls of Mentos Mints. Well, you get the idea… wacky but inviting. No?

Daddy Long Legs Boutique Hotel & Self-Catering Apartments.
A: 134 & 263 Long Street, Cape Town, South Africa.
T: +27 (21) 422.3074.
E: [email protected]

Posted by Gil Zeimer on May 23, 2006 in Travel

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  1. Emer O’Reilley
    Emer O'Reilley says:

    Fantastic Hotel – can definately be recommended. Spotless rooms and friendliest hotel in Cape Town. Very Central

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